Seriously? Gunna hurl.


I  learned on a static pole and I’m stubborn to learn it on spin mode. Because of static pole training, I pride on the fact that I can handle “skin burns.” I love that momentum is not an aid so I build more muscle but in the end, spinning is soooo pretty. I just haven’t mastered how to control momentum and maintain pretty lines. I turn green before I can even hit a pose.

Maybe next time…

18 thoughts on “Seriously? Gunna hurl.

  1. Same problem here! We now have a choreo on the spinning pole but its pretty difficult when you are sick every time you are going to use the spinning pole. Hope it gets better some day!

  2. on spinning to get slower you have to be far from the pole, and quicker close to the pole, you don’t need to put as much momentum as you do on a static and look at the pole while you are spinning ^^

  3. Any time you’re going too fast just stretch out an arm or leg, and it slows you right down. It also helps to find some spot on your own body to look at, it makes you less dizzy than looking at the room spinning around you:) Good luck, spin pole is so much fun once you get over the nausea:p

    • When I’m spinning, I always think of ice-skaters and how they send an arm or leg out to slow the spinning. @_@ With practice, I’m sure it’ll come more easily. 😀

  4. Started on spinning pole on my second lesson. Felt so dizzy I thought I’d give up… But I didn’t and eventually overcame the dizziness. Sometimes I still feel it, but it’s bearable now and one gets used to dealing with it. You stare at your hand for example or at the pole or simply close your eyes. To slow the spining get your body farther away from the pole, or strech out an arm or a leg. Spinning pole is so beatyfull that’s it’s worth the effort. And some moves you can only land on spinning! I’m sure you’ll manage it sooner than you know! Go Leen!

  5. I love to spin! Oddly enough I do better on the unusual things in every aspect of my life. Ice skating, boats in high wave areas, spinning pole? Amazing no problem. Walking a straight line on a perfectly flat surface? I fall flat on my face. lol

  6. I’m totally with you here. I learned on a spinning pole, and now static is my worst enemy–it feels SCARY to fling yourself around the pole and keep your grip loose enough to revolve!!! I still can’t quite seem to get quite the right trajectory to keep my body an even distance away as I move around… 🙁 not to mention, the burn on the hands REALLY sucks!

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