Sharing is Caring!


Ahh! I think every pole dancer has that moment where they discover that they ROCK at pull-ups! That’s what I love about pole dancing. You have so much fun while learning it that you don’t mind the pains of working out. And then one day, POOF! You’re a mad spinning, aerial, ninja!

At home, we have a pull-up bar and some free weights. I like to use them to work-out between pole classes. What do you do to supplement your pole dance life?

9 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring!

  1. Hmmm… I mostly just drop down and do 60 push ups three or four times a week, some other times I strap weights to my wrists and go about my day like I normally would… I only have an improvised pole my father and I built out of scaffolding at home (it’s safe, I promise), whenever I’m not at the gym I can just use that and my old little weights from when I used to go to taiji class. The walls in my house are so cheap that I’d fear a pull-up bar would just break everything and fall off. Sigh.
    But I get by. Sometimes I do pull-ups on people. :3

  2. We have a pull up bar at home, but I’ve never been able to do more than four even when I was in the best pole shape of my life last summer, and yet my husband can bust out 10+ on a bad day. No fair 🙂 I get most of my cross-training from yoga and aerial hoop, although I keep telling myself that I should start lifting weights too.

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