Should I Lie To You?


At times, I find myself rehearsing what I’d say in my head.
“I’m an acrobat.”
“I go hiking… and I’m clumsy.”

Or, if I’m too damn tired of thinking up of an elaborate lie that would save my “reputation” (and that of my husband’s), I just tell the truth. It’s been pretty great being honest!

I drew aΒ comic where I told my family. And they were pretty cool about it! Tell me about the first time your “secret” pole dancing hobby no longer became a secret! Who did you tell? What did they think?

P.S. I’ve met a few doctors over the years in my pole dance classes and I always wonder how awesome it would be to have this situation actually happen… lol!

8 thoughts on “Should I Lie To You?

  1. Haha… that happened to me today… a nurse at an exam: “how did you get that bruise???” me: “ehmmm…” nurse: “did you hit with something”… me: “yeah”… I usually tell the truth but this was very quick and I get blocked…

  2. Thehee, I had an interesting experience some time ago when I popped to an insurance company, and I needed to get a personal leisure time accident insurance. I was quite worried about how it’d turn out, and obviously, I knew I had better be honest about the potential risks I might face with my hobbies… The insurance agent was a young lady, and when I told her I pole dance, she was like “oh, I’ve tried that too!” Then she was all like “yeah yeah, this insurance is enough for you, you may even climb as high as you wish and do any tricks…” πŸ™‚

  3. Hahahah, well… fortunately, it was never a secret for me… I told my mother I want to pole to get some more muscle mass and she said “Really? Cool!” (later on, she added that if it wasn’t for the slight respiratory problem which we haven’t figured out yet and kinda makes it hard for her to do any sports at all, she’d gladly do it with me. Sigh.)
    My father used to make fun of me at the beginning, saying stuff like “Bah, when I was in high school I climbed poles without using my legs. Big deal.” and my sister simply never tried it out because she’s very clumsy and would just hurt herself.

    …I love my family. Outside home, most of the few close friends I have think it’s a really cool sport, and I don’t really care about what anyone else thinks, so yeah… I always flat out say it. πŸ™‚
    It’s easier and less stressful! β™₯

  4. I am a pole dancing MD in Aesthetics Medicine, so for my patients I have to be “perfect”, so you can imagine their faces when they see my bruises (it is very funny), because I love to use skirts and dresses in my office.
    In fact I am proud of my bruises

  5. <3 I'm a medical student and lots of my friends know. Some accept it, some don't. I was so excited when I found a consultant doctor in my pole class the other day though, she works at my hospital! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Have been reading your comic blog for a while now, but this one really spoke to me; so just had to reply… it wasn’t my first person to tell, but explaining why i was hobbling round work in my steel toe cap boots when the majority of the staff are men was a bit of a worry. Slowly but surely the word got out that i pole, get a few sniggers still but since taking on a role as a teaching assistant, i am now appearing in my departments “safety at home; hobbies” newsletter, that goes to the whole site (wearing a few more clothes than i normally do), and have even got a colleague to join the school where i go… its pretty exciting having people to talk to about it with.

    Anyway love to you and your fab blog, and mad pole love to all who pole, from across the pond. Please keep them coming

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