Shoulder Mount Adventures


One 2013 goal accomplished! IT TOOK ME TWO YEARS to develop an aerial shoulder mount! And I still remember how IMPOSSIBLE it felt the first time.

As I write this, I’ve been able to do two aerial shoulder mounts in a row without coming down to the ground. Each practice, I’m going to keep training this.

Right now, I’m “froggy legging” up. How about straight legs by December!? Let’s accomplish those pole goals!

12 thoughts on “Shoulder Mount Adventures

  1. I just got my first Shoulder Mount from the ground a couple of days ago, and it felt so darn good after working on it for 6 months! And yes, I’m still “froggy legging” too, so straight legs is a goal! 😛

  2. So, in no means am I trying to be rude, but shouldn’t that say January 2013 on the one you accomplished the shoulder mount? XD <3

  3. I got my aerial shoulder mount in a week but…I can still only handspring from the air, I still can’t do it from the ground. After 3 years. Also, 3 years ago I tried an ayisha at a photo shoot, fell, ended up in ER. Luckily , nothing too serious happened. Tried last year and fell in my room and clocked my ear against a dresser, again not too serious. Finally this year. It turned out I needed to switch hands. I went into depressions not being able to get these tricks while watching all my classmates nail them:-(

  4. I am not yet able to do an Aerial Shoulder Mount but I can do it from the ground! I can’t quite get up on to the pole yet but am slowly getting there! I love the feeling pole gives you when you accomplish something you thought you could never do!

    Keep working at it ladies!! 😀

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