Side Climb Fail

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I recently revisited this climb with my instructors at Strong4Pole. I learned it very differently many years ago and suddenly I watched my teacher do it with straight legs! And the pole against the shin instead of in the knee-put! I was floored. It was so graceful to watch and takes some serious control. I’m going to get it. I love it this variation! Both styles are totally acceptable but one is definitely more graceful. Let’s go!

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2 thoughts on “Side Climb Fail

  1. I’ve been missing this! Your “What I want” s are soooo spot on.
    Also, do I see it right that with the graceful sideclimb she has the upper leg behind the pole, not the lower leg? I’ll sooooo have new bruises on my shin very soon:)

    • Good eye! I spotted the leg issue in this comic after I posted it. Sometimes I get all backwards on the positions while I’m drawing it. I love making these as they make me feel better when I’m a bit clunky in new poses. Safe and fun journey with your side climb!

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