Slip and Slide


It bears repeating! Using lotion before pole dancing class (even the night before) can make your practice dangerous and/or frustrating at the least! When I know I’ll be taking a class, I avoid putting lotion on the night before. Keep those oils off the pole and it will be safer for you and for other students. But don’t despair! There are options.

10 thoughts on “Slip and Slide

  1. People actually get leftover slippery from the night before? Wow, I never knew that was possible. My hands are pretty much too grippy, I struggle to finish spins.

    My legs are more normal, but slowly experimenting I discovered that lotion two hours before makes absolutely no difference compared to not. I never tried to go closer. It takes me 15-45 minutes to dry my legs at home, and I have started to think the 45 minutes is enough, that basically its just the drying, but never found out.

    The only thing that makes me slippery is when other people use chalk, chalk is basically grease to me. Towels remove sweat, but they don’t always remove the chalk as well.

    Oh, just in case its the lotion, I used Cetaphil and E45 mostly. I have semi-sensitive skin so I try to find friendlier ones, I also dislike greasy feelings though I’ve been forced to tolerate a small amount in the E45.

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