Sneaky Grip Dance

Second comic this week because I was out of commission last week! (I hope it’s coherent because I’m a little under the weather right now.) 
Anyway, I do this during EVERY free dance in class… I’ll sneaky dance my way over to my grip and shimmy my way down to put some on! Please tell me I’m not alone! I WILL learn to just live without the extra grip and keep going. 😉

8 thoughts on “Sneaky Grip Dance

  1. I feel so darn guilty when I use any sort of grip products! But one of my teachers told me, and it makes perfect sense, to use grip when learning a new move so you can get it down. I don’t feel SO bad anymore as long as I use it sparingly ^.^

  2. I have a towel stuck in the hem of my hotpants or bra and after every single spin I need to use it. This is yet another reason why I can’t compete! But at least I’ve gotten good at bodyrolls as they make me feel less guilty for drying the pole :p

  3. oh ya!! That’s my kinda dance!! I even tried spraying alcohol on the sides of my shorts to lessen the slippery sweat! LOL my secret during a show is I hide a rosin ball behind the pole stand. 😉

  4. I can’t live without grip. I sweat like way too much, so basically I’m the kind of person that at the end of the class is covered with grip in everybody part haha. That’s why I suck at choreographies, because I left the tube too slippery and I can’t finish the choreo :/

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