Something pretty in the meantime…


Yow! I’m prepping for the upcoming International Pole Convention this weekend (and San Diego Comic Con which is coming up next month), so I’m a little behind! Yuck!

So, as I take this little hiatus to catch up, I’m posting non-PDA related pole dance art. This is a portrait of Natasha Wang in her ever-so-inspiring Russian split. Since I can’t do this pose, I drew it. 😀

Any readers out there got this pose?


I’ll have prints and buttons for sale at the United Pole Artists‘ booth at the International Pole Convention. There is a limited supply. 🙂 I’ll be running around popping into workshops and checking out vendors with the rest of you. (In real life, I’m a shy little ninja… so say “Hi!”)

Below is a preview of the button set. But if you’re not attending, you can buy a set right here the at the blog. 🙂 See you there! I’m so excited and nervous!


4 thoughts on “Something pretty in the meantime…

  1. This is also one of my favorite move. I have it now (and it’s official as it’s on Facebook!). I absolutely love this drawing. Natasha Wang is such an inspiration and you just captured it so beautifully !

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