Star Spangled Poler


Happy Fourth of July from Pole Dancing Adventures! Flags are always such a signature move for today. It’s always fun to explore again year after year.

While working on this comic, I’m reminded of a fond memory of my father reading to me from a “Reader’s Digest” when I was 5 years old. The story was about The Battle at Fort McHenry and I recall the feeling of awe I felt when I heard how the American storm flag withstood the fight. That truly was my first feeling of pride at being an American. =) Funny how the smallest memories stick with you for life. (My Dad rarely told me bedtime stories, but when he did it was about military history somehow!)

This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Mike B. from Florida! Thank you so much for your support! He was one of my amazing Titanic level pledgers.

I had a blast working on this one with Mike. Maybe because of the epic pants. =D

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