Thanksgiving Tote Bag Giveaway!


I want to say thank you for reading my webcomic, for your fun comments, for your inspiring stories and for letting me know that I make you laugh. It keeps me going! I love to draw and I love to pole and I love to share both with you. 🙂 As a thank you, I’m holding a giveaway for my FIRST EVER product featuring PDA art! (Sqwee!)

This bag is a 100% cotton canvas tote bag. Includes a bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. 10 oz. heavyweight natural canvas fabric.  22″ reinforced self-fabric handles. Machine washable. Measures 15″ x 18″ x 6″. Perfect for your trips to the pole studio!
The giveaway ends on Nov. 30th 2012, so get your entries in now! It is open to anyone, anywhere!

Many of you have asked for bags, shirts, cards, etc. So, I bunkered down and got it done! If you can’t wait or are looking for a fun gift, why not visit the store? I put together tons of stuff from shirts, to water bottles, to calendars. Here is the link: POLE DANCING ADVENTURES MERCH STORE. (Note, this is different from the art print store.)

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29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tote Bag Giveaway!

  1. Pole dancing is an adventure because there seems to be no end to it – there is always a new trick to conquer, a skill to improve, a split to oversplit, a performance to nail, a new song to dance to. It is always exciting!

  2. The adventure in pole is looking at someone doing a move and thinking “I’ll NEVER be able to do THAT!” But time and again, focus, support from your community, working on it together and you achieve it! That is what I find empowers me and others!

  3. Pole dancing is an adventure to me because I am always learning and discovering new things & meeting new people along the way. The more moves I learn the more I can transform those moves into a routine and I love it 🙂

  4. I love pole dancing and I love your comic. You’re able to capture the truths about pole dancing but tell them in a really funny way 🙂

  5. Now that my strength is getting better and I am going consistently. I feel like I am constantly surprising myself with what I can do with my body. Sure I run into road blocks but to feels so strong and beautiful thank I have in my life is an awesome adventure!!

  6. Pole, for me, is a freedom. I can retreat from my everyday and revel in the enjoyment of spinning, climbing, inverting, and sometimes hanging on for dear life. The opportunity switch to spin mode also makes me feel like I can fly. Thanks for sharing your adventures too! Karen

  7. Pole dancing is an everyday adventure for me…I get to push myself as far as possible on that pole!! My body is completely transforming and I’m seeing/feeling muscles where I never imagined I would :)…plus it has spiced up my marriage!!

  8. Pole Dancing is deffinity without a doubt an adventure, as soon as i steo foot into class i feel like im in another world, where i can make the bestest most deepest relationships only waering my underwear… you can fly without a plane… its never boring, ever… i feel proud of my bruises because i know i finally landed that trick… my pole dancning life was complete when i founf your blig. thanks 🙂

  9. Pole dancing is always an adventure, no matter what studio I go into there’s going to be a challenge to over come. Every time I learn a new trick I feel on top of the world and so happy, I love learning new things and I’m glad that pole dancing has so many pole tricks to choose from. It gives me freedom and a way to express myself through dance. Not to mention it’s an awesome workout!

  10. It’s an adventure because it is something different and it has its own challenges(the amazing different moves!!!), I can accomplish a certain move or floorwork for myself as well as helping me build my confidence, strength, improve my fitness and flexibility but having FUN while doing it!!!!

  11. Its an adventure for me because I never did any sports and I thought that I could not mannage in PD classes,but I learned tricks that I thought I will never be able to do,now when I can, I feel like Im on top of the world 😀

  12. The fact that i learn something new every time I get into my class, thats what makes it an adventure for me.. Not to mention the fact its something far out of my comfort zone.. so it is like an adventure

  13. Pole dance is such a fantastic exercise, sport, art!
    You feel so free, hanging upside down for example, it feels like I abolish the laws of gravity!
    I love that feeling 🙂
    That’s why it’s an adventure every time!
    I have also seen other pole students which really have learned to love their bodies, think they are beautiful. Pole dance can really change many people’s lives.
    It’s amazing!

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