The Good Girl, Gone Bad!


This is the student who keeps her pole habit a secret from everyone she knows. She can hardly believe she dared to enrol in pole. She’s the quiet one up the back, and is too shy to talk to anyone. She arrives to the studio dressed neatly in a twin set and skirt, and then changes into the cheekiest hot pants in class.

You can tell a Good Girl Gone Bad by the fact that she keeps giggling to herself in class and muttering under her breath “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” She’s a lady on the street and a freak on the pole.

Tip: Keep it up – I love it!

Thank you to the LOVELY and AMAZING Michelle Shimmy for this awesome blog post!

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Text copyrighted by Michelle Shimmy

6 thoughts on “The Good Girl, Gone Bad!

  1. This is my favorite one!! It reminds me when I started pole dancing and had to keep it secret for a while because the looks and comments that people were giving me were… you know, stupid. Now I couldn’t care less what people thinks, I feel damn good about it!

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