The "I Can’t" Student

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This student is firmly convinced that there is something fundamentally different about her body, and believes that the difference makes her physically incapable of certain moves. This belief usually stems from an off-hand comment some doctor or physio made to her a few years ago, which the I Can’t Student has taken to heart as gospel. Something like “you know, your hip flexors are tighter than most peoples.” As a result, the I Can’t Student refuses to accept that anything can be done to change her destiny as the Girl With The Tight Hip Flexors.

As her teacher approaches her, the I Can’t Student will grip the pole and say firmly, “I can’t do this move.” Even if she hasn’t even tried it yet. However, with gentle and patient persuasion, the I Can’t Student can usually be convinced that she should try at least to refrain from saying “I can’t do this move,” in favour of saying, “I can’t do this move… YET.”

Tip: Stay positive – don’t create limitations for yourself 🙂

Thank you to the LOVELY and AMAZING Michelle Shimmy for this awesome blog post!

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7 thoughts on “The "I Can’t" Student

  1. It’s been more than two years now – but why did you do that, what happened? And are you back on it yet?
    I quit late 2013 (knee injury) and it has taken until NOW to finally get back to it 🙂

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