The Kamikaze

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The Kamikaze strikes fear in a pole teacher’s heart. The Kamikaze appears unconcerned by the concept of gravity. The Kamikaze has no regard to the fundamental rule of pole: that failure to have the pole wedged firmly into some crevice of your body will mean that you will likely plunge to the ground.

The Kamikaze will nod and agree while the teacher gives firm, clear instructions on how to avoid falling off the pole when attempting a new move. Then, once the teacher steps away, the Kamikaze throws herself gleefully and with reckless abandon at the pole, caring not for her own safety nor that of innocent bystanders.

Fortunately, Kamikaze pole students also seem to be blessed with an uncanny knack for somehow managing to save themselves from face-planting at the last minute. And so they live to Kamikaze pole dance another day.These students are what Public Liability Insurance was invented for.

Tip: Try to avoid giving your teacher a heart attack by always having at least one arm or leg on the pole at a time.

Thank you to the LOVELY and AMAZING Michelle Shimmy for this awesome blog post!

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Text copyrighted by Michelle Shimmy

One thought on “The Kamikaze

  1. Hahahahaha that’s me!
    My problem is that I do all the movements fine, but when it’s time to get down, I just can’t do it. I try to gracefully fall into a handstand, but that doesn’t work quite well :/

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