The Motor Skills Challenged Student

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This student is not the boss of her own body. In fact, it seems that her body has a mind of its own, and she has little to no control over what her body will do next. In her brain, she understands that she needs to hook her right leg around the pole, but something happens to the brain signals as they travel from her head to her leg, and she ends up grasping desperately at the pole with her left arm instead. She is capable of unintentionally tying herself into such complex knots around the pole that she needs someone to help unravel her.
The Motor Skills Challenged Student is often unable to distinguish left from right. To overcome this difficulty, the teacher might consider writing a big ‘R’ and ‘L’ on the Motor Skills Challenged Student’s hands (careful not to let her do it herself, or, if she does, make sure you check that she got it the right way around).
This student also has difficulty working out which way is forwards and backwards, up and down, and inside and outside. In my experience, the best way to help the Motor Skills Challenged Student is to physically manipulate her into the desired position, and then tell her to try to memorise how the position feels. A plus side can be that sometimes in her confusion the Motor Skills Challenged Student will accidentally create a new and interesting combo – and a good teacher will pay close attention to what this student is doing, because the Motor Skills Challenged Student is unlikely to be able to replicate it once she’s disentangled herself from the pole.
Tip: You’ll get there! It will get easier as your muscle memory develops 🙂

Thank you to the LOVELY and AMAZING Michelle Shimmy for this awesome blog post!

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