The Perfect Pole Dance Costume


I think I covered all the things I tend to consider while picking out a pole dance costume. For myself and many others, grip is the main concern. Of course, I can’t say I speak for everyone. I’m sure there are many pole dancers who opt to break out of the norm. I’ve seen everything from business suits to granny costumes on the pro stage, afterall! 😉

I love seeing performers embellish their costumes with fun props. But when sticking to the basics? I think this graphic covers ’em all. *^^*

For my USA readers, I hope you’re all recovering well from the holiday vacation. I’m trying to hit the cardio hard right now.

One thought on “The Perfect Pole Dance Costume

  1. You have prepare the well designed costumes and perfect to wear on stage while performing but somewhere i think this is too flashy.I’m dam sure that ladies is going to set the stage on fire with such sizzling costumes.

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