Things that go CLACK!


There are quite a few dancers still out there who are addicted to shoes. And by addicted, I mean there’s one for every milestone and important event in that pole-dancer’s life. I think my favorite pair came from Glitter Heels. Like in the image above, they’re pink and I LOVE them. I couldn’t resist all the SPARKLE. <3

How many shoes do you own? For me, the count is 3. I really don’t use them as much as I used to but I’ll strap ’em on every once in a while. Can you believe someone stole my first pair? Man, I miss those! They were my practice pair and they were so beat up. I can’t imagine why someone would have wanted them. Every pair is special to a dancer, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “Things that go CLACK!

  1. Aww… we’re not allowed to dance in shoes in my studio. Our instructors strictly follow the rules of pole dancing as a fitness/sport. Just can’t wait to buy my own pole 😛

  2. Unfortunately i have only one pair of pleaser heels by now, but i’m going to order a pair of black pleaser boots..i love them! 😉

  3. I’m addicted to shoes I now have 8 pairs, 7 purchased in the last 3 months. I would have more but I have been strictly forbidden to stop spending money on pole shoes this year.

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