To lotion, or not to lotion?


It’s well known that lotion is a pole dancer’s enemy. To keep your skin moisturized is a sure fire way to get yourself into trouble. You can slip, loose your grip, or just slide embarrassingly towards the floor while dancing. So, I cherish the days between practice where I can lather up in lotion. LOL

I hear rumors of this or that lotion that can won’t cause us to slip but I have yet to see it work! So, the days before practice, I just accept the dry desert that is my dermis. 😛

19 thoughts on “To lotion, or not to lotion?

  1. Pantara Blacksmith told a bunch of girls I trained with that having dry skin is almost worse than using lotion. She said to try different lotions and to put them on a few hours before class, never right before. It helped one woman in my class to stick some of the tricks she was having trouble with!

  2. I must be one of those freaks of nature then… I never EVER use lotion and I still slide towards the floor after I climb 16 feet into the air…

    I’ve even stopped conditioning my hair on pole practice days!!!

    And I STILL slide! xD

    Humidity…. It’s my Kryptonite~

    • I have the same problem but live in very dry climate. I’m over reliant of boots and shoes to hold me up. Just tried Cramer’s Grip Spray. It was recommended to me by two other pole dancers. I stuck and didn’t rip off any skin. You might want to give it a try.

  3. I was given a tip from a pole group on FB, – pure aloe vera gel…. seems to make skin sticky (in a helpful way) not slippy, does not appear to leave any residue on the pole & is a bit moisturising too!

  4. Dry skin is my worst enemy (and I’m quite sure it’s the same for many people who say they haven’t used any lotion but slide anyway) and I’ve never suffered from too much lotion on the pole. We’ve discussed this in the class and come to the conclusion that taking a shower in the evening and using lotion afterwards is good enough, should be alright to pole on the following day. Naturally products vary a lot too, but at least I’ve found good options among cheap supermarket brands.

  5. I have really dry skin too, but I have to moisturize before class. If I don’t, my skin is so papery that I just slide right off. I use a drug-store brand moisturizer, which does not leave any oily residue, and I use it about an hour before class.
    I think climate has a lot to do with it as well. I’m in New Zealand where the air is cooler and dryer than a lot of places in North America, I think.

  6. I use Pole Physics lotion. There’s probably a way to find another, cheaper, lotion, but I ordered a bottle when I bought my X-pole, and it works really well so I just keep with it.
    I use it every morning the same way I used regular lotion, and my pole classes are in the evening. No lotion slipperiness so far!

  7. Men’s vaseline moisturizes and gives you body stick. Try it out! It also comes unscented, which I have yet to find. Smelling like a man isn’t quite sexy. LOL

  8. You might try Corn Huskers lotion. Comes in yellow labeled bottle, super cheap… and not oil-based, so it’s much much much less slippy. I put it on an hour or so before poling with no ill effects. 😀

  9. So true !
    I live the same situation. My skin is so happy after the shower after pole dancing (once a week in a school). No lotion on the sport day, but a lot of on “days off” ^^
    Thanks for this post and have a nice week 😉

  10. I naturally have very dry skin. Before I started pole, I would apply lotion twice a day and still see some dry spots. I still use lotion in the morning and evening on days that I don’t have class. But even without applying lotion the morning of, I don’t usually find any problems with sticking unless it’s really cold. Maybe it’s the climate like anonymous mentioned, I live in the SF bay area where there is always moisture in the air!

  11. Sorbolene cream is a godsend! I use it morning, during the day and evenings (not really close to pole training though obviously) and I even use it on my hands at least once an hour throughout the day. It absorbs right into the skin so you don’t have to worry about any greasiness, it’s cheap, you can buy it in bulk and you can use it all the time. I train 7 days a week including morning and evening on Mondays and I use it between the class times since I have 5 hours between the classes. Give it a go. It’s not expensive so if it works, great but if it doesn’t you didn’t throw away heaps of money. I think in aus it costs about $6 for 1 1/2 litres.

  12. You can now use a great product called Pole Physics. I have been using it now for 18 months and find it amazing as I can go to pole, shower and then apply this natural product which is used by so many pole stars. PolePhysics have just brought out a NEW formula with Arnica and Green Tea, so ideal for those pole kisses… I bonus is that I don’t have to use very much pole grip if any at all.. Sue Colebourne CEO of PoleSilks Ltd

  13. We’re selling Pole Physics at my studio, and I love it myself. It’s just a shame that my students don’t see how amazing it is, and instead complains that they have a “slippery day”. I’ve had no slippery days since I started using Pole Physics, and I feel like I get less burned skin too. It’s all natural, non-scented and for sensitive skin! A true godsend! 🙂

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