Tore Up


I’m proud of the way my body has evolved since I started pole dancing, though these days, I hardly fit into any standard clothing sizes. Anyone else with beastly shoulder problems? I may not be able to fit into that cute top, but I certainly feel like I can lift a car over my head. LOL

7 thoughts on “Tore Up

  1. I haven’t gone shopping for non-exercise clothing since last year (!) because of how hard it is to find tops that fit my shoulders and arms without looking huge on the rest of me! And I don’t feel like I have that much muscle definition compared to many, so I’m surprised this is even a problem, but apparently we’re all supposed to be skinny with no muscle tone. *eye rolls*

  2. Exactly what I needed to see today. I’ve been having to throw out about half the clothes I own since they no longer fit in the arms.

  3. This is such a problem. My waist and my shoulders seem to require completely different sizes. It’s either just right for my shoulders but too loose on my waist or too tight on my shoulders and perfect for my waist *sigh*

  4. Yes I have that problem I can’t wear suit type jackets to fit in the shoulders they have to be enormous everywhere else. I also can’t fit into any fitted styles in the shoulders or arms. I have to wear stretchy knit materials.

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