Types of Pole Dancing Grip Aid


This isn’t a product review but rather just a simple and quick overview of the types of pole-dance grips out there. I may have to do another one as I’m missing the thick paste kind as well as the even rarely used, powder kind. Anyway, I hope this is a good look at the subject and provides a good place to start if you’re starting to figure out what to use.

As for me, I’m the sweaty sort, so liquid-powder grips work best for me. Sprays usually just turn to slippery gunk on my skin. When I pole dancer with others and we cross brands, it can become an awkward experience cleaning poles between runs. Alas, you do what you must to feel safe and secure.

Go forth and grip my friends!

4 thoughts on “Types of Pole Dancing Grip Aid

  1. I still haven’t found a long lasting grip aid… I just ordered a sample pack with different variations in it. It is definetely enough to try it out more than once and since I have 5 probes in one pack I hope I will finally find something that works for me… I have no grip at all in the summer month.

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