Use What You Got

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Guys, I’ve been going through some personal things. If you follow me on instagram, you might notice the lack of actual pole progress posts from me. I think everyone goes through a low point and mine was caused by financial and emotional stress. Just some personal stuff I’d rather not get into publically but I’m working it out. I am happy as I can manage to be and well (so don’t worry.) Life throws us punches once in awhile, right?

Due to the emotional decline, I also backed out of a multiple of social activities, pole included. And as a result, my body changed — I grew a size or two. I feel different inside a heavier body. But a funny thing I didn’t expect happened. I found my occasional self-loathing and negative scrutinizing of my body was gone. I focused on aspects of my life that mattered most and worrying about an idealized self-image became meaningless. It was a good mental change.

I’m still in a quiet space. My dance pole is rarely touched but I still think of myself as a pole dancer. That explosive energy just isn’t part of me right now. I slink through floor work instead and I cherish yoga. Slow movements is what I need right now for my sanity. And that’s OK.

Don’t feel guilty if you need to give yourself space. Mental health is important. Listen to what your body needs and respect where you are now. Everything you love will be there for you when you’re ready to get back to it.

10 thoughts on “Use What You Got

  1. Sometimes it’s hard. Having thick, short legs that tend to get in the way all the time 😮 while your trainer looks like a real ballerina … but then again, there are moves that make me love and trust them 😉 cross ankle release, anyone? 🙂

  2. Oh my Gosh… I wanted to pole for so long, but my stupid mind kept telling me that I first needed to get ‘fit’. I never did… 😂 but luckaly went for a trial class after 4 years waiting.
    I was so stupid! I could have used those 4 years of ‘waiting’ to actually have fun on the pole. How much more I couldve learned.

    I was so stupid!!!! 🙄

    Girls! Dont be stupid! Dont wait for a ‘perfect body’. Get on that pole asap!

  3. Thank you for this… For both the body positivity, and the sharing of your own journey.

    Like you, I’ve had to take a break from pole for a while. :'( And like you, I still do think of myself as a pole dancer, too.

    Sending you virtual hugs, Leen!

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