We need to talk…


There comes a point in every poler’s life when they realize that they’re spending more time with their pole family than their own. I admit. I see my pole friends more than my my non-pole friends.

It’s good to come off the metal rod once in a while and go spend time with those who miss you. Aww, look at all my sad fur babies. 🙁

If you don’t get it the reference, then you haven’t seen “How I Met Your Mother.” tee hee

6 thoughts on “We need to talk…

  1. Shame on them! Your artwork is amazing and so original, we’ve got no artist like you here in france, I hope you’ll continue.
    I see a lot of your drawing on facebook profiles, are you ok with that? Or is it stealing your property too?
    Thanks for thoses weekly good moments.

    • Sharing is fine as long as it’s not cropped, edited or altered! I’m all for sharing so long as no one is profiting! Just linking back to the blog or my Facebook page would be super appreciated! <3

  2. I’m so blessed that my mom and my lil’sis are also in my pole family 😀 OmG D: I just found out that you also cosplay!! XD Between Pole days [and sometimes after pole] I work on my cosplays! XD so I’m pretty busy everytime XD Hugs from Mexico 😀

  3. I’d immediatly recognized the “HIMYM” inspiration.
    But, if even your cats are missing you, I’m asking “what’s happening to our world?”
    Love your draws, kisses from France 😉

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