Who told you?! Part 1


Recently, I talked with others on how we “broke the news” to our parents or our significant others about pole dancing. Well, here’s my story! I’ll have the 2nd part up next week. 🙂

Do you have a good story to share? How did your experience go and how did your family/friends take it? I wanna hear it! 

12 thoughts on “Who told you?! Part 1

  1. I told my mom after my very first pole class, and her reaction was “Well at least you’re finally working out!”. She has later gone on to show my videos to my grandma, and just about anyone else who asks what her daughter is up to. Guess I was lucky like that:)

    My hubby knew the minute I registered for class, and he still hasn’t stopped smiling about it a year later;)

  2. I started this year while my husband has been away in Afghanistan. For his birthday I sent him a bunch of pictures.
    He’s prety stoked.

    I’m trying to get HIM into the idea of pole dancing.
    We’ll see how /THAT/ goes.

  3. My sister just said, “I knew it was coming!! Every new dance form you do requires less and less clothes!!” (Ballet, Jazz, Bellydancing, Brasilian Samba and now pole dancing!)..

  4. Wow Stefanie toghether with your mom is pretty cool!
    My mom did’t freak out or anything and I told her right away from the start what I am doing.
    My Sister thinks it’s pretty cool but my grandparents think this is kind of a joke or something. My other Granny who is 93 doesn’t know what I am doind I think she wouldn’t understand it.
    My boyfriend knows it and has no problem with it at all, and my best friend (I had to show her a video) thinks it’s pretty awesome what I am doing 🙂

  5. I have no idea what my mom would’ve said if I was just pole-dancing…she probably would’ve given me the “I think there’s something wrong with you” look but not really been mad. But since I was stripping…uh, she wasn’t happy. Let’s leave it at that. 0.o

  6. My mother in law was the first person I told that I pole danced and she was really supportive… I told my husband (her son) about it about a year after I told my mom-in-law and she was the one who convinced him that it was a good thing because I love my play-out now as I call it because it doesn’t feel like work when you’re having just too much fun with it! 🙂

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