Who told you?! Part 2


Recently, I talked with others on how we “broke the news” to our parents or our significant others about pole dancing.Β Here’s the second part to the conversation that I had with my dad… and it went unexpectedly well!

I have to admit, I changed my story a bit. He wasn’t at all mad when he called me. In fact, after I answered the phone, he said, “Do you know about pole dancing? I think I’d like to try it out. It looks fun! You get to spin and climb like in the circus! I think it would be good for me!” And I was absolutely CONFUSED because he sounded so serious!! How did he know what pole dancing is? More importantly, he ACTUALLY wants to try it out?! He led me on for the longest time about how interested he was until he finally broke the news that he was just teasing me.

ARGGH! My dad has always played jokes me and I always fall for it.

But the bit about my relatives telling on me is true… and so is the part about my parents watching Steven Retchless on TV. It was because of Steven that my conservative, Catholic, traditional, stereotypical Asian parents no longer see pole dancing as something shameful. THANK YOU, STEVEN. In the end, my dad was totally supportive and 100% understanding.

Now, I don’t have to lie to them and say, “I’m just going to the gym!”

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here is his performance on national TV here in the United States.

Do you have a good story to share? How did your experience go and how did your family/friends take it? I wanna hear it!Β 

15 thoughts on “Who told you?! Part 2

  1. that’s awesome. I still haven’t told my parents ( fellow Asian here) but I hope that if/when I do that their reaction will be the same as yours πŸ™‚ I think the fact that pole seems so closely tied to strip clubs here in the States is just very different culturally from other countries, even the ones that seem pretty socially conservative. Congratulations! I LOL-ed at the “aiyohs/aiyahs”…so Singaporean!

  2. I also LOL-ed at the “aiyah!! too sexy!” Definitely sounds like my mom. (Who doesn’t know that I dabble in it…but…really I’m not sure they’d care that much.)

  3. Well, one day I just told my mother “there’s going to be a pole dance seminar in Dharma (the place where I train martial arts), it’s going to be awsome! can you lend me some money?” She didn’t seem convinced at first, but after my first class I came home barely walking and she saw why I really wanted of this: strength, flexibility and gaining control of my body. The seminar is now over and since I’m receiving very nice scholarship and found a great place to learn, I pay my own classes… I’m still a baby, but I work hard

  4. I started to go with a co-worker to a pole gym, within the first month I got an awesome rear [I didn’t have a nice shape before XD]
    My mom watched me using leggins and said hey what are you doing this is impresive!!! I said “well I’m taking Pole Dance classes” she was amazed that in just a month I had that progress XD she even showed my ass to everyone sayin “hey look what my baby is doing!!! πŸ˜€ I want that too” πŸ˜€
    She enrolled with me, and a few weeks later my sister signed with us πŸ˜€ now we enjoy Pole Dancing together πŸ˜€

  5. well I had two secrets : pole dancing and having a cat in my house (I live alone I’m a student). and my siblings knew about the cat secret and were always giggling about “annas secret” and watching photos. so I was talking to my mum and she brings uup the secret and started yelling “I am sure you have a cat thats what they are talking about,right? get rid of her what will your landlord say when he finds out etc etc”
    I paniced and thought of my other secret ” no no moooom I dont have a cat..my secret is that I have started pole dancing”
    and my momo was like “oh..ok.well ..thats a sport too I gues..”

  6. Well, maybe it’s ignorance or the different country context speaking, but in my mind “conservative, Catholic” would be anything BUT “traditional, stereotypical Asian parents”. XD

    How typical (or not) is that among asian families where you are from? Silly curiosity

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