Why Pole Dance Moms are AWESOME


Why are mothers who pole dance so awesome?
1. No matter what physical changes they go through, they own their right to feel sexy, strong and confident.
2. They find the time to dedicate to their well-being doing a dance and exercise they LOVE.
3. They are role models in promoting a positive body image to the next generation.

I know you have more! Leave a comment and share your reasons! <3 —– This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Mio H. from Bagneux, France! Mio is the owner of Pole-Holic School. Thank you so much for your support! She was one of my amazing Titanic level pledgers.

Mio shared with me an amazing tale of how she came back to pole dancing after having given birth. She wasn’t able to pole dance while pregnant and when she returned to it, she was shocked that she had lost her strength and flexibility. After a year of hard work, she not only regained her strength back, but she also opened her own studio! Mio, you’re an AMAZING pole dancer and mom! Go you!

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