Working on my lines


I’m pretty frustrated right now as I’m working on a new routine. I took videos of my first run and I’m constantly laughing or grumbling at myself. What bugs me most is that I seem to be completely unaware of some of the movements I make. I see an occasional bent elbow when I could have extended, or a bent knee when I could have straightened and even a lazy hand that could have “danced.” It’s frustrating and hard to be aware of your body 100%.¬†
To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Working on my lines

  1. This was one thing that I love about having the background as a dancer before ever being introduced to pole dancing. For 16 years I was yelled at about dancing through the tips of my fingers and toes…

  2. Had a related moment to this at pole last night. Usually I do not hit the people on poles next to me. It’s true that we tuck in, or keep to one side of the pole, when practicing in a class due to limited space. Then last night some of us were practicing routines for our upcoming recital, and my class mate on the pole next to me and I hit each other a few times because we were so focused on nice routine things we forgot about that shared couple of meters between us.

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