Would you rather…?


Occasionally, I receive emails from pole dance hopefuls and beginning students about their fears. Some are scared to start and are filled with doubt and some people carry that doubt with them into their first few months of dancing. Then they find that they can’t shake it.

I’ve been pole dancing for several years and I’m still nervous when I come to class. Maybe it’s part of my personality, but that’s just how I seem to naturally be. Now, while class is going on, I could let my doubts and insecurities get the better of me mentally but I choose not to. So, when it comes to this image, I choose to be the dancer on the right. Constantly pushing myself to enjoy the moment and learn with positivity. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Would you rather…?

  1. Strangely pole dance is the ONLY physical activity/class that I have gone to where I didn’t have the feeling on the left at first. Maybe I got lucky and found the right studio on the first try, but I have so much fun in class I don’t even have time to think about my insecurities. Also, to be perfectly honest, the fact that everyone is wearing hot pants and bra tops helped, because I realized that 99.99% of women, even the super skinny ones, have cellulite, scars, and/or a little extra skin here and there, so I felt less insecure about my own cellulite and extra pudge.

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