You say to-may-to…


As someone who is forgetful of birthdays and even holidays, you can bet I won’t remember the three different (if not more) names we have for one move in pole dancing.

This comic comes as a collaboration between myself and Cindy Cooljmans. Cindy is an IPSF judges representative, the officer of terminology for IPDFA, a PFA Pole Fitness Ambassador and creator of the Pole Move Box.

Those attending the conference before the International Pole Competition in Singapore will have a chance to hear her speak on the subject. For more information, visit:


17 thoughts on “You say to-may-to…

  1. Hehee, at least I would have done Gemini the same way as you, as far as I know, those others are doing Scorpios. But I know the feeling, and I’m not good at remembering these names. It’s even more difficult when the actual meaning is different in English and in my mother tongue, and the issue is particularly frustrating if you don’t have any leads to google photos of a certain move/pose ‘cos you have no idea of the name.

    • Ah!! I didn’t know that! Yes, that’s what I’ve resorted to doing when I refer to the moves myself, but I (and I’m sure others) get thrown off when a teacher refers to the moves by the names they know that I don’t recognize.

      In the end, I just ask for a demonstration. lol

  2. I agree with Aerial Gypsy. This is why I just use the terms inside or outside leg hang. There is absolutely no consensus on which one is which with the Gemini/Scorpio. Gemini and Scorpio sound prettier, but until the pole community can come to an agreement on which ones they are, I’m just going to use the most clear term.

  3. I cannot agree with this comic enough.

    It’s beyond frustrating to have 6 different names for one move. . . Here where I live tehy thing it’s cute to call them Angel and something else I can’t remember.

    I still stick to inside and outside leg hang. . .Let’s call it what it is. . . leave it at that.

  4. I like the way my first pole school taught it. “Inside knee hang”, “Outside knee hang”, “thigh spin” “Layback” no fancy names, just what the move looks like, except for “That thing” and “skull crusher” I still don’t know the proper names for those two

  5. YES I hate, hate, hate names that are either different / make no sense. The studio I go to use mostly boring names. “Inside / outside leg hang” / TG overhead V (TG shouldermount) etc etc. I remember reading a pole blog the other day where the author was going on and on and on about a “DVD Cover” and how she was so excited to get it… or the “Princess grip” WTF IS THAT!?
    I don’t mind calling moves “prettier” names when it’s agreed upon and makes damn sense…like superman. makes sense, can visualise it, commonly called. why on earth would you call an extended butterfly a dvd cover? just to be different? I DON’T GET IT!!

    (of course this is just one example…i’m sure there are many more!!)

    • Bobbi’s Pole Studio calls extended butterfly the DVD Cover because it was the picture on the cover of Bobbi’s first instructional DVD! 😀 I’m not sure if this pre-dates the ‘extended butterfly’ name.
      Similarly, at Bobbi’s they call the Iguana Mount a Daryll Hannah – both names have the same origin… The character played by actress Daryll Hannah does the move at the start of the movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana. Hehe, I find the origins of pole names fascinating, and like learning what other people call different moves and why.

  6. My gemini is also like the one you do! Haha I call the other one the scorpio… Yes, it’s annoying to have misunderstandings with the different names :/

  7. I’m also a euro girl and we call outside leg hang Gemini and coming to the US they switched it on me, but are mostly using OLH or ILH to be more clear. I like the ‘pretty’ names for moves but have difficulty remembering them in general. Would love less confusion though. As posted earlier I too like the pole dictionary site. They are trying to keep things straight. 🙂

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