Don’t forget to bring water!

When I yell to my husband that I’m off to work-out, I smile every time when I look inside my “gym-bag.” Exercising is exciting when you’ve got a pair of heels and sexy work-out clothes inside it!

I know I didn’t include everything. What other essential items are inside you work-out bag?
Arnica – Cream or gel for bruises!
Alcohol-based Wet Wipes – A good alternative for a post or pre work-out body wipe down.
Towel  – Because pole is tiring!!
CAMERA – Most of us do bring a camera. Admit it! (At least your cell-phones..)
Bandages/Band-aids – I think I stuck a band-aid on once when the skin on top of my right foot started peeling from climbing. But now, I see no need for these items in my own bag.
Extra Clothes – An extra pair of work-out pants or a shirt is great for wearing during warm-up.