Art Show News & Commissions!

Hi everyone! A brief comic hiatus to show you one my second painting for an upcoming show I’ll be in! Here’s to bringing pole to an art gallery! <3 This one is titled, "La Lune," based after one of my favorite spins. If you follow me on Facebook, I’ve added the first one I created over there. It’s nice to share something more elaborate with you guys. I’m all about painting strong and incredible women, so my pin-ups will definitely reflect that theme.

Onto more art! Below is a preview of the commissions I’m working on! When you guys send me photos of your poses, I feel inspired by your creativity and strength! Thank you! 

I am privileged and honored that GirlsDrawinGirls will have an opportunity to show art in Paris this year at the esteemed Gallerie Arludik! Since 2006, GDG has been an outlet for women artists to express themselves artistically, and to express their own femininity and sexuality in a predominantly male dominated industry. We have worked long and hard for this opportunity, and this show in Paris is the push through the door to take our mission to the next level. 

We have created a Paris Etsy store to offset some travel expenses to give artists participating in the show a chance to be a part of their amazing accomplishment. Please visit the store here if you would like to make a purchase. TONS of fun things on there that members donated, not just art, but yes, of course, there’s art too.

Many of you have asked for CUSTOM PDA/pole drawings. Here’s your chance! 

Melissa of United Kingdom

Nikki of USA from Pole Ology of Hendersonville, TN   &   Harriet of UK from Newcastle University Pole Dancing Society