Felix Cane Pole Championships

Have you heard?

Legendary pole dancer Felix Cane will be hosting her very own POLE DANCE COMPETITION!


Felix Cane Pole Championships is at the front line of a new era in competitive pole dancing. We are not looking for the strongest dancer or the hardest tricks. Tricks are for kids. We are looking for entertainment – we want true show quality. We are looking for X factor. We are looking for a top 20 that leave us wanting MORE. For the first time ever in the history of pole dancing competitions girls and boys will go head to head for the overall title of the first ever Felix Cane Pole Champion 2015 carrying with it a $5000 cash prize.

The event takes place on November 27th, 2015.
Tickets can be purchased at OzTix here.
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Pole Dancing Adventures is proud to be a sponsor for this competition. Felix Cane was one of my original inspirations to start pole dancing so I’m honored to support the cause!