Pole Dance Competitions

89-pole-dance-comeptitions-webNov. 3rd 2013 – 4 a.m.

There are moments while watching a pole dance competition where these thoughts go through my mind. Eventually though, I’ll snap back to reality and realize that none of those hard moves I see onstage were achieved instantaneously. It just takes consistent practice. (Something I haven’t done this year. Long story.)

I admire my friends and readers who compete. I see the long hours they put into their training and admire them for it! I’m always wondering to myself if I should put in more time into becoming better at pole. Deep down, I know I should! If not to complete then to have a larger dance “vocabulary.”

As I write this, I plan to be at the California Pole Dance Championships later today. Three years ago, I watched competitive pole dancing for the first time at this event. Natasha Wang had won that year and I was mesmerized. 😀 And now, I’ll have a table for Pole Dancing Adventures and I can’t wait to see everyone perform.

And I’ll try my best to keep self-depreciating thoughts at bay!

**Updating post-CPDC!**
I had a wonderful time at the competition despite the minor set-backs due to the changed time and venue. The performers were so amazing. I was definitely in awe of all the talent on-stage. Great job to everyone who had the courage to go up there and give it all they had! I’m sure my voice will be hoarse in the morning from all the cheering. 😀 
Also, thank you to all the PDA readers who stopped by to say hello! I’m so happy to hear from you in person and I loved chatting with you all! Your support is always appreciated. Here’s the one photo I have of me from behind the my new banner. Thank you to my best friend and fellow poler/aeralist, Michelle Loon, for being my booth helper.

California Pole Dance Championship has a very important update!

ATTENTION!!! Please share this post!! California Pole Dance Championship has a very important update! 

The venue is now: The Arena 6655 Santa Monica Blvd. The Arena is the building in front of Circus Disco (same parking lot as Circus Disco).

Doors open at 4:30pm, show starts at 5:30pm Sunday Nov 3rd. All seating will be the same as on the website: www.poledancechampion.com

*** I will be vending at the event. If you plan to be there and would like to pick up any prints from me, let me know and I can bring it to the show! ***

Go for the Gold

The Olympic summer games in London have started! For some, I’m sure it’s sad to see that pole dancing isn’t one of the recognized sports. We’ve petitioned for years to no avail. Nonetheless, many of you will continue to push until we can compete for the gold. 🙂 And so, I ask my pole brothers and sisters: Where do you stand on the debate of pole dancing possibly becoming an Olympic sport? 
I, for one, would love to see it happen one day. But on the other hand, I’m addicted to the “sexy-flexi,” stiletto wearing style and am afraid how the Olympics can change the culture. Thoughts?

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