5th Anniversary Giveaway!

Bonuses are available for being a Patreon supporter. Patrons will receive extra points increasing chances of winning! Contest ends March 1st, so hurry and enter! For more information on being a supporter, visit: https://www.patreon.com/leenisabel

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PDA Birthday Giveaway!

First of all, check out this week’s comic!

Pole Dancing Adventures is turning TWO! To celebrate, let’s do a giveaway! <3 Thank you for growing with me as we support and spread the love and humor of pole dancing together. We have another wonderful year ahead and I hope the PDA gear helps the lucky winner forge ahead on her own pole journey. <3


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GIVEAWAY: GimmePaws + Show me lots of tricks!


People can make such a stink about sexy costumes made for women to wear during Halloween. As a pole dancer, all I see is opportunity. A performance can be so much fun when you interpret your favorite superhero or movie character.

Have you done a performance in “cosplay?” Who are you dressing up as for Halloween? Share your video or concept in the comments!

Also, in the spirit of Halloween, I’m hosting a special giveaway! See below how you can enter to win a handmade leopard kitty hood by Gimme Paws!

Keep toasty warm and looking fierce before and after pole practice!
Everyone has that favorite item, that item that when you put it on transforms you; makes you feel magical, mysterious, flirty, exciting, rebellious, or whatever you are secretly dying to be. Gimme Paws is the fluffy creation of Pole Geek blogger, Jillian, and is her way to create items that can bring that daily magic and whimsy into her customers lives.
Each piece is hand crafted (between pole practices and blogging on Pole Geek) by Jillian at her studio in sunny Los Angeles. Only quality materials are used; super plush faux furs, soft anti-pill fleece, cuddly poly-fil and any unique materials needed to complete a custom design.
Can’t wait and need one now? Check out Gimme Paws New Website andEtsy Shop
Use Coupon Code POLERBEARPAWS to get 20% off !
Find her online at:

PDA x Al’s Custom Pasties Giveaway


Fluidity, 2013 – http://leenisabel.com – From my personal artwork.
Prints available online here.

Enjoy this painting I finished this past summer while I catch up on some life stuff. 🙂 And in the theme of sexy wear and nipple pasties, I’m happy to announce a new giveaway this week! See below for rules on how to enter to win an adorable pair of nipple pasties from Al’s Custom Pasties!

Al’s Custom Pasties were created for burlesque/aerialist/pole dancers that require a unique quality nipple covering. The idea was conceived at Al’s studio, Aeriform Arts, when one of their aerial instructors/ performers complained that “she just didn’t have time to make her own pasties.” This inspired Al to make a few for some of the instructors, one thing lead to another and he began doing custom work for various performers and pole dancers that came through the studio.Each pastie is handmade with love by Al in North Hollywood, California USA. The materials and designs vary based on what each customer desires but they are all backed with a layer of foam and felt. They come in two standard sizes, 2 and 1/4 inch and 2 and ¾ inch diameter. Custom sizes upon request. They can be attached with either fashion tape or spirit gum.

Al’s Custom Pasties enjoys working with the customer on their design ideas. It’s like Al’s grandmother use to say, “If you like – I love it”. Let us know what your design ideas are and we will bring them to fruition!

Can’t wait? Use Coupon Code PDAGIVEAWAY. It’s good for 15% off your order!

The Rafaela is a black glitter pastie with hot pink sequins and a pink tassel. Ships in an adorable pink box w/a few pieces of double sided tape to get you started! Contest is open to US & international entries! Ends Sept. 30th, 2013.

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A few of the fabulous designs available from Al’s Custom Pasties!

Visit Al’s Custom Pasties on Etsy.
Visit Aeriform Arts on Facebook and visit the studio website here.

Getting Dressed + A Poleitical Clothing Giveaway!


This is me before every class. I’m diggin’ for something that will mirror my mood and give me just enough coverage and skin exposure. Choices, choices…

… but HEY! Can’t decide on what to wear? There’s a giveaway below for pole clothes from Poleitical Clothing! That was easy!

The lovely Danielle of Poleitical Blog and her colleague, Courtney Rheuban are back again with another Poleitical Clothing giveaway!

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Contest ends at 12:01 a.m. on 8/26/13
Learn more about Danielle’s blog and shop at these links!
Poleitical Diaries – www.poleitical.com

Winner gets to choose ONE of the following cropped top.
Neon Yellow Cropped Tee with new original artwork (In Pole We Trust) in one size fits all Neon Pink Cropped Tee with new original artwork (In Pole We Trust) in one size fits all
Winner also receives ONE Turquoise Booty Shorts with new original artwork (Panties Are My Power Suit) in sizes S, M, and L