Happy Halloween from PDA!


I love seeing super hero costumes on Halloween. If these guys and gals could pole dance, I’ll bet these are moves they would pull off!

My treat to you! Enjoy these illustrations! Party hard, pole dance safely and if you have a rad Halloween pole video to share, put it in the comments! I’d love to see them!

(P.S. I was REALLY going for creepy on that little Dark Knight one. It’s cracking me up how creep-tastic that one looks. Oh well!)

(Thank you for your patience this week! I’m preparing to be a VENDOR for the California Pole Dance Championship on November 3rd, 2013! If you’re going, please stop by my table and say Hi! Take a photo with me! Geek out about pole with me! ¬†Pick up some clothing, bags, journals, stickers, magnets and a … hug? I dunno! We’ll have a great time! See you there!!)