GIVEAWAY: GimmePaws + Show me lots of tricks!


People can make such a stink about sexy costumes made for women to wear during Halloween. As a pole dancer, all I see is opportunity. A performance can be so much fun when you interpret your favorite superhero or movie character.

Have you done a performance in “cosplay?” Who are you dressing up as for Halloween? Share your video or concept in the comments!

Also, in the spirit of Halloween, I’m hosting a special giveaway! See below how you can enter to win a handmade leopard kitty hood by Gimme Paws!

Keep toasty warm and looking fierce before and after pole practice!
Everyone has that favorite item, that item that when you put it on transforms you; makes you feel magical, mysterious, flirty, exciting, rebellious, or whatever you are secretly dying to be. Gimme Paws is the fluffy creation of Pole Geek blogger, Jillian, and is her way to create items that can bring that daily magic and whimsy into her customers lives.
Each piece is hand crafted (between pole practices and blogging on Pole Geek) by Jillian at her studio in sunny Los Angeles. Only quality materials are used; super plush faux furs, soft anti-pill fleece, cuddly poly-fil and any unique materials needed to complete a custom design.
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Find her online at:

Pole Dancing Vs Zombies

34-halloween-zombies-pole-dancing -web

Okay, so I’m jumping the gun here. Halloween isn’t for another 3 weeks! I can’t help it. However, I really do say this to people! Halloween, or not!

It’s one of my fun responses to people who are annoying me about me hobby. Hey, I POLE DANCE BECAUSE I LOVE IT! Isn’t that enough? So, I figure if I’ve already made poor life decisions in their eyes, I may as well weird them out further. >:P

YES, feel free to share it with your friends. But DON’T CROP my info off the image. Thanks!

This print is available in the print shop!