To My Pole Cupids


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

This just about marks my 1st year anniversary doing Pole Dancing Adventures and I’m really touched with the overwhelming support and laughter I’ve shared with you all. I’m glad we’re all in this together… no matter what you look like, where you’re from or what level you are. We can all share the love for this unique sport with each other.

Consider this my little love letter to you all! <3 – Leen Isabel Shop for other Limited Edition PDA prints in the shop.
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A Ship’s… What?!

The first time my teacher told me the name of this move, I probably blushed a little. I can be a prude when around teachers, bosses, relatives and the like. It’s the Asian in me.
But after some thought, (and knowing the more polite name for this pose), I thought it was a lovely association. Figureheads are truly majestic sculptures. And you should feel that way when you’re in it. ūüôā

Shoulder Mount Adventures


One 2013 goal accomplished! IT TOOK ME TWO YEARS to develop an aerial shoulder mount! And I still remember how IMPOSSIBLE it felt the first time.

As I write this, I’ve been able to do two aerial shoulder mounts in a row without coming down to the ground. Each practice, I’m going to keep training this.

Right now, I’m “froggy legging” up. How about straight legs by December!? Let’s accomplish those pole goals!

My 2013 Pole Dance Goals


This is my pole dance checklist. I thought hard about the moves I REALLY need to master and I know the superman, aysha and shoulder mount invert are all fantastic ones that will help me transition into stronger, more dynamic combos. Then I can get those routines I fantasize about into reality. 
These goals are realistic to me — I’m sure of that.¬†These are all moves I’ve managed to hit on a sporadic basis, but I don’t feel confident 100% of the time. And it’s that 100% I’m going to strive for.
I’m going to be like, “Oh, you want a shoulder mount invert? No problem!” And be all BOOM, I got it. Here you go. Done. Signed and Delivered.¬†

Yes. ūüôā I’m going to have to prove it through the year by taping more practice sessions. Who’s with me? What are your pole goals?
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Allegra Fail


I dream of the day that my splits are beautiful. I also dream of the day when my splits are beautiful in the Allegra pose!

However, today is not that day.

I was taught a variation of the pose which was to bend both knees to maintain¬†symmetry, but I don’t want to just stay here. So, gotta keep at that splits training.

Here’s a screen-cap of me doing the bent leg version. ^_^; This was a year ago!! I still look more or less like this. I know, I know… What the hell have I been doing all this time? (Avoiding the problem, obviously.) Don’t let this be you! Push through!

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