Working on my lines


I’m pretty frustrated right now as I’m working on a new routine. I took videos of my first run and I’m constantly laughing or grumbling at myself. What bugs me most is that I seem to be completely unaware of some of the movements I make. I see an occasional bent elbow when I could have extended, or a bent knee when I could have straightened and even a lazy hand that could have “danced.” It’s frustrating and hard to be aware of your body 100%. 
To be continued…

To dance, to fly!


Pole Dancing Adventures was proud to have been a sponsor for the PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012 in Hong Kong. I created custom artwork for the winners which you can see here for  today’s strip. Congratulations to all of the performers!!!

Aerial siks
3rd Danielle (Canada)
2nd Yukari (Japan)
1st Sylvia (Canada)

3rd Erika (Japan)
2nd Veronika (Russia)
1st Issey (Japan)

Best Costume
Issey (Japan)

Best Showgirl 
Danielle (Canada)

Ultimate Aerial Champion 
Issey (Japan)

Taking Costumes to the Next Level!


Whew! Now that that’s off my chest, how cool is Mr. Nagashima? I saw his besuited pole routine during the International Pole Convention and I was blown away! He was clothed from head to toe! (So, I just had to draw it.) Pure entertainment and that’s why Nagashima-san won “Best Entertainer” at this year’s Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012!

When I watch this routine, I really see that he’s enjoying himself. Also, when he performs difficult poses in his suit, I’m shocked, too! Something about his fun mood reminded me of Gene Kelly’s famous dance in Singing in the Rain.

Of course, we all know that skin is absolutely necessary to “stick” to the pole while dancing but Mr. Nagashima fashioned this special suit so he could have his ideal costume. It’s risky, but he makes it work! It’s really nothing you’d ever expect in the Pole Dance world which is why I thought it was a story worth telling. Tell me what you think!