Vertical Swag Wrist Wrap Giveaway!

I love Vertical Swag! I’ve been using my wrist wraps since the 2012 Pole Convention where I met Shannon, the creator of these products. Since I type all day, draw all day and pole all night, it’s no surprise that my wrist takes a beating. These wraps are cute to wear and has helped me so much in pole class! They give me enough support and over time, I’ve felt relief in my wrist joints with constant wear.

FOUR LUCKY WINNERS will win a pair of Vertical Swag’s Wrist Wraps!

See how to enter below. This contest is open to everyone! Terms and Conditions are also below.

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Each bundle has two long lengths of fabric which tapers at one end and has a tie. You wrap it around your wrist from the larger end and then loop the tie around itself (as shown in photo above). To tighten, you grip the wrap in your opposite hand and twist it around your wrist until you feel the pressure around your joints. To loosen, grip and twist it in the other direction. (Think of giving yourself an “Indian burn.” That’s the way I think of it. haha!)

Raffle ends 09/18/2012 at midnight.