Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween to everyone!

Yes, I know. She’s on silks but that’s okay because I love ALL aerial arts! 🙂 So many studios are having fun Halloween parties this week so I thought this was perfect for the festivities.

This was my most recent commission portrait for Diana of Embody Pole Fitness in Corona, CA. Not only is Diana beautiful, strong and Wonder Woman’s dead ringer — she even shares WW’s name so it’s perfect! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to draw you! <3 I had a ton of fun on this one. 🙂 Unfortunately, I will be closing art commissions until further notice. The reason is because I will be a part of a group art show at Galerie Arludik in PARIS, FRANCE with 19 other amazing women from Girls Drawin’ Girls. This is certainly a dream come true!!!!! I will absolutely try my best to make it there if funds allow. ♥

I’m finding that it’s rather tough to draw the comic, draw commissions, do personal artwork, train on pole and still live my “normal life.” I was feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, so I need to restore some balance.  I have to place my concentration on the Paris show and another art show I’ve got lined up, so I appreciate your patience until I can open it up again.

Pole Dance Series: Suwasit

Presenting the gorgeous & the strong, SUWASIT! In this portrait, he’s holding a solid shoulder mount (with a smile!) I added a Thai inspired pattern in the background to commemorate his heritage and the glitter is so very Las Vegas, don’t you think?

This beautiful man is a pole dancer and aerialist performer and teacher in Las Vegas. You can find him at Shine Fitness. Next time I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada, I won’t be partying. I’ll be pole-ing! WE LOVE OUR POLE DANCE BOYS! YAY!

And speaking of Las Vegas, are YOU going to Pole Expo next month? http://www.poleexpo.com I won’t be able to make it there in person, but I’ll be rooting in spirit. 🙂

Concerning the comics, my lack of storytelling in the comics lately was due to the commission orders I’ve received lately! So, I’ll be posting the artwork I create here and will get back to all the funny pole nuances soon. 🙂

Something pretty in the meantime…


Yow! I’m prepping for the upcoming International Pole Convention this weekend (and San Diego Comic Con which is coming up next month), so I’m a little behind! Yuck!

So, as I take this little hiatus to catch up, I’m posting non-PDA related pole dance art. This is a portrait of Natasha Wang in her ever-so-inspiring Russian split. Since I can’t do this pose, I drew it. 😀

Any readers out there got this pose?


I’ll have prints and buttons for sale at the United Pole Artists‘ booth at the International Pole Convention. There is a limited supply. 🙂 I’ll be running around popping into workshops and checking out vendors with the rest of you. (In real life, I’m a shy little ninja… so say “Hi!”)

Below is a preview of the button set. But if you’re not attending, you can buy a set right here the at the blog. 🙂 See you there! I’m so excited and nervous!