3rd Annual Comic Con Pole Jam with Fun Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing Adventures

3rd Annual Comic Con Pole Jam with
Fun Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing Adventures


Open Pole session begins at 8:00 p.m. on
Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
Space is limited so please RSVP!
To reserve your spot –> pay online, please: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=8707&stype=-101&sView=day&sLoc=0
Cost: $20 with half being donated to The Hillcrest Youth Center. Thank you~ ♥
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Important News! San Diego Comic Con & Kickstarter

Hi everyone! I have two big important announcements that PDA fans might like to hear!


First things first, Pole Dancing Adventures Volume 2 will be going live on Kickstarter THIS WEEK. We had such a fantastic run last year that I hope you’ll join me again this month in making Volume 2 another success. I enjoyed bringing the first book to fans all around the world and I hope you’re excited to add #2 to your collection. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on this post. I will officially announce a day before launch to give you an official heads-up. (And any early bird backers will have a chance to pre-order books at a special discount price.)

Interested in picking up Volume One now? Visit the official Pole Dancing Adventures shop!


Find myself and Nguyen Dong at San Diego Comic-Con International this year at Small Press P-11!

New comics, new art and huge news to come. See you there!