Tasmanian Devil

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Are you the “Tasmanian Devil” when it comes to pole dancing?

“This student no matter how slow she takes off form the floor manages to spin herself into a tornado so fast, that it could carve path to Australia. She on the other hand, knows no other way to pole. “

This was a commission for Michelle Cirullo of Pink Fitness Studio Inc.! Thank you, Michelle!

Seriously? Gunna hurl.


I  learned on a static pole and I’m stubborn to learn it on spin mode. Because of static pole training, I pride on the fact that I can handle “skin burns.” I love that momentum is not an aid so I build more muscle but in the end, spinning is soooo pretty. I just haven’t mastered how to control momentum and maintain pretty lines. I turn green before I can even hit a pose.

Maybe next time…